Body Hair Removal in Abu Dhabi, Dubai

The body's laser removal in Abu Dhabi and Dubai uses a beam of extremely focused rays on the hair follicles, resulting in the destruction of hair follicles and roots. The follicles are targeted through their hair dye and therefore the laser works best on people with light skin with dark hair growing because the laser beam can distinguish the hairs more easily in that case than dark skin with dark hair or light skin with light hair.

Anesthetic cream is applied before laser hair removal, then the laser is directed to the body for all the area to be removed hair without leaving spaces between them without directing the beam to it


Part of the hair disappears on the day of the session and the rest of the hair disappears after the session is about one to 10 days.

The hair grows back in a month or a month and a half.

The second session is done to remove the hair that grows.

The hair grows back less after the second session and repeats the previous steps in several sessions may reach 5-8 sessions until we reach the desired result.

Laser hair treatment does not permanently remove hair but reduces hair growth.

Laser results for dark hair are better than light hair

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