Body Shaping Contouring in Abu Dhabi, Dubai

Body Shaping Contouring in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Body sculpting with laser and liposuction is the perfect solution for those who suffer from local obesity. This technique is performed by ultrasound, which is used to dissolve solid fat into a liquid image, and then withdrawn from the body. To get the lady or the man on the body of a sculpted symmetrical characteristic of the athletic form of the man and the female curves of the lady


In Dew Derm, the use of modern and high-precision devices to tighten the body after the procedure to avoid the occurrence of contamination

Highly safe as ultrasound targets only fat cells without compromising the tissues, blood vessels, and surrounding neurons.

In one session only, about an hour and a half, are eliminated the fat accumulated in the body.

Lack of blood loss.

speed and short recovery period

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