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Botox in Abu Dhabi

AED 1200

Botox in Abu Dhabi or botulinum toxin is a drug injected to the patient to cosmetically reduce and even remove facial wrinkles on the patient.

Botox can also address migraine pains as well as excessive or chronic sweating, eye squinting, crow’s feet at the corner of the eyes, brow lifting, and neck lift. Forehead wrinkles, gummy smiles (gums becomes very visible when smiling), defines the jawline, and “bunny” nose (slight wriggling of the nose).


Duration: 15 minutes
Anesthesia: Topical
Confinement: Same day discharge
Recommended sessions: Once every 4 – 6 months

About the Merchant

CMC is having a highly qualified, experienced and professional dermatologist in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Now it is very easy to find a local dermatologist near your area.

We at Canadian medical center working day and night to find you world's finest dermatologists in both Dubai & Abu Dhabi. By the Grace of God We have professional dermatologists in UAE. You can contact us easily in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

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