Deep Cleaning in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

AED 600 AED 450

Deep Cleaning in Abu Dhabi and Dubai it is a cosmetic procedure applied to the face, neck and sometimes shoulders and arms and is recommended to be carried out once a month to three months to get rid of plankton and excess skin fat and acne effects, and with the persistence of this procedure reduces the fine lines of the skin and delays the signs of aging, and gives the skin lasting clarity and purity. The skin is cleaned especially the face, neck, shoulders, and arms and can be done once every period of time ranging from one month to three months and there are approximately 9 types


Stimulate blood circulation

Remove acne and its effects, blackheads

Lighten and unify skin tone

Remove dark spots

Reduce fine skin lines and delay the appearance of aging effects

Remove plankton and impurities from the deep layers of the skin

Bring skin gloss and shine

Remove dark circles around the eyes

Narrow the pores of the face

Rid the skin of excess fat

Providing the skin with the necessary moisture, especially in the case of dry skin

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