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Face & Body Lifting in Abu Dhabi, Dubai

Dew Derm provides the best Face & Body Lifting in Abu Dhabi, Dubai. body and facelift are performed after the elimination of huge amounts of weight. ultrasound devise that is used to tighten and lift skin. HIFU is not equivalent to a surgical facelift but there are significant advantages including no downtime, no scarring or bruising, no pain and the results are natural


After completing a full-body lift, the person is able to:

Get rid of skin tone change and any clumps or changes in skin texture.

Wear clothes freely and feel more comfortable.

Get rid of stretch marks in body tightening sites.

Get rid of the problems of excessive sweating, or friction and infections

About the Merchant

DewDerm clinic in Abu Dhabi and Dubai provides you the highest international medical standards in Dermatology, Cosmetic Dermatology, and plastic surgery, offering men and women the most up-to-date range of treatments.

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