Femto Smile 3D in Abu Dhabi, Dubai

AED 25000 AED 16250

State-of-the-art technology for safe laser vision correction
Femto SMILE 3D in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Femto SMILE 3D Using precise refractive femtosecond laser technology with lenticular extraction, Femto SMILE 3D is the latest innovation in laser vision correction. The procedure involves making a tiny 4 mm side-cut in the cornea leaving most of the upper corneal layers untouched and making the procedure itself and the recovery period much quicker.

The new flapless technology means the procedure has a minimal surgical impact on the corneal stability, as well as offering exceptional predictability of the refractive outcomes. From start to finish, the procedure takes 10 to 20 minutes and is performed in the most comfortable and reassuring surroundings. All these features and more make Femto SMILE 3D one of the quickest and safest procedures in the eye care industry today


Top 8 benefits and advantages for Femto SMILE 3D:

  • A rapid single-step procedure
  • A flapless process allowing faster healing of the cornea
  • Decreased risk of post-procedure dry eyes
  • Corneal stability is not adversely affected
  • Fewer chances of infection or tissue ingrowth
  • An optimal choice for patients with higher refraction values
  • 80% smaller incision compared with cuts using older techniques

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