Mesotherapy in Abu Dhabi

AED 600 AED 450

the best Mesotherapy in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. For the treatment of cellulite and fragmentation of fat accumulated in the abdomen and buttocks in particular, where a local anesthetic is placed, then the needle is injected with a gun for rapid injection in the desired area to break up fat.

In most cases, one needs several sessions of injection to get the desired result, which usually ranges from 5 to 15 sessions, the difference between each session to another at least a week


Get rid of wrinkles and rebuild the skin and thus return the freshness and vitality of the face.

Get rid of the problem of cellulite, which is abnormalities in the skin, which is difficult to treat surgically.

It helps to lose weight and gain a healthy and slim body, by eliminating the fat accumulated in several areas of the body.

Help to strengthen and activate the hair follicles and thus treat the problem of hair loss or hair loss.

Help get rid of the effects of pills, pigmentation or cracks in the skin, and works to treat scars

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