PRP in Abu Dhabi

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Refreshing the tone of the skin is now possible with a completely natural product created from your own body, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Procedure is available in Abu Dhabi, and Dubai. Platelet Rich Plasma PRP Procedure is started to extract from your own body that has a high concentration of Platelets Cells. The PRP treatment has a long proven history in the area of joint healing, dentistry, and reconstructive surgery. It has proven its worth in the area of cosmetic dermatology by injecting Platelet Rich Plasma in the skin to treat the specific area and to refresh the tone of the Skin.


Patient’s Blood is withdrawn to fill PRP tunes, the blood in then placed in centrifuge for 5 minutes, Blood will fractionate PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) will be on top and red blood cells and white blood cells at bottom. The platelet poor plasma is discarded. Concentrated platelets are collected into a sterile syringe. The platelet rich plasma is injected into the skin to treat specific area and to refresh the tone of the skin.

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