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Buttock augmentation in Abu Dhabi and Dubai (Autologous), These injections are called auto-fat injections because injected fat is taken from the condition and fat cannot be injected from one person to another even close relatives and friends. The goal of the auto-fat injection is to remove excess and unwanted fat from localized obese areas, such as the abdomen and thighs, and use it. To increase the size of some other areas to make the body looks consistent and sculpted, including areas that can be injected with self-fat, such as enlarge the butt


Liposuction sculpts the body, especially the waist area in the case of liposuction from the abdomen and waist and access to a slim body in addition to enlarging the butt

Trans fats give a natural look and feel after the injection as they become part of the area injected after a while.

The results of the auto-fat injection are permanent and do not need to be re-injected every several months to maintain the results.

Since the injection process does not involve the installation of artificial fillings, it does not need to follow up periodically or to make a CT scan from time to time.

The injection process does not leave behind scars as it does not need to make a surgical incision, but liposuction may leave some small scars that are difficult to observe.

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