Velashape 3 cellulite, and body shaping

Velashape 3 in Abu Dhabi, and Dubai works to break down fat by heating the projected area where it raises the temperature of fat cells and increase the metabolic rate to quickly dissolve fat and get rid of them outside the body through the lymphatic system, to get out of the body through the urine and thus help to get rid of excess fat safely and Without any pain
Velashape 3, the latest version of the VelaShip device, lasts between 20 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the size of the treated area and the degree of sagging, wrinkling or cellulite. This device is characterized by accuracy and high energy and the emergence of results quickly and notices the difference after the first session compared to the rest of the older versions of it.

Often you need to repeat the sessions 3 to 6 times to reach the desired end result depending on your body's response to the various therapeutic effects provided by the device


It has almost no side effects and you will not experience any swelling, pain or bruising after the session is finished

It provides effective results with easy and simple operation, unlike all other surgical options.

Villa Ship offers the sagging treatment without the need to tighten the skin by surgery or the use of needles and anesthesia.

A comfortable, relaxing and painless technique, it is like a quiet massage.

You can get quick results in just a few hours after a few sessions and even notice the difference from the first session.

The VillaShip Cellulite or any other problem can be used anywhere in the body without any problems.

Its results last a long time compared to other non-surgical methods.

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