How to wear a mask properly

The face masks help reduce the chances of transmitting infection with the Covid 19 virus, known as the emerging Coronavirus, and it is recommended to wear the muzzle in public and crowded places to avoid the possibility of spreading infection and infection with the virus through contact with other infected people.

Face masks help in limiting the spread of viruses and infection from infected people.

When a person talks, coughs, or sneezes while he is infected with the Coronavirus, he may release small drops in the air that can infect the people around him and transmit the infection to them, especially if he does not know that he is a patient and thus Wearing masks ensures that the infection is not transmitted from one person to another.

This article will introduce you to the correct way to wear a mask and the proper way to remove the mask according to the World Health Organization’s instructions.

How to wear the face mask correctly

Steps to wear a face mask correctly.

1- Washing hands well before putting the face mask on your face: It is recommended to wash hands well with soap and water for 20 seconds, then dry the hands well with a clean towel before preparing to wear the mask.

2- Determining the correct position of the face mask: The upper part of the face mask must be with an edge that contains a flexible inner wire that can be folded to ensure the formation of the shape of the nose to ensure full coverage of the face and nose area and remember that the colored part of the face mask, whether it is blue or any other color, must be The outer color and that white is opposite the face or the inner side.

3- Covering the mouth and nose with the face mask: Make sure that the mouth and nose area is well covered with the mask and that there are no spaces for viruses to reach the mouth and nose area, so that there are no gaps between the face and the mask.

The method of wearing the face mask varies according to its design, and is as follows:

• The face mask with ear loops: In this type of mask, the mask is held by the ear loops provided with it, so that these rings are wrapped around the ear.

• The face mask with straps: This mask is worn by holding the laces and then tying it from the back without touching the mask.

4- Avoid touching the face mask while wearing it: and in the event of touching the wearing of the face mask, clean hands well with soap and water, and sterilize them with alcohol diluted by at least 60%.

5- Change the face mask to another: When the mask becomes wet, you must replace it immediately, and it must be disposed of in the areas designated for the correct disposal of masks to ensure that other people do not touch them

Things you should not do when wearing a mask

You should not do some wrong things that are dangerous to your health when wearing a mask, such as:

• Touching the face mask with your hand.

• Lower the face mask from one ear to droop.

• Lower the face mask to the mouth and chin, then leave it on the neck.

Correct face mask removal method

You must follow the correct way to remove the face mask, because it may be a carrier of viruses such as the emerging coronavirus, and the virus is transmitted to the hands in case of contact with the muzzle.

Be sure to remove the face mask very carefully without touching it, especially the front area, and dispose of it in the closed containers designated for this because other people do not reach it or touch it.

Then wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, then sanitize your hand with the sanitizer with alcohol diluted 60% and then dry your hand with a clean towel.

In the case of reusable face masks that are used more than once, they must be carefully removed and not touched, then put in a clean bag and tie it well, then put the face mask directly in the washing machine, and hot water is used to wash it and expose it to a high temperature after washing until it is completely dry.

Then follow the instruction of wearing the face mask in the correct manner that we previously mentioned at the beginning.