Laser Hair Removal Pros and Cons

Laser hair removal is a quick, effective long-term solution to unwanted hair. It’s a precise procedure which can target coarse hairs without damaging the skin – although there can be some temporary irritation in the hours after treatment.

Each laser pulse takes just a fraction of second and can treat many hairs at once.

Small areas such as the upper lip can be treated in under a minute. And because it targets the follicles there’ll be no more ingrown hairs.

Most people find laser hair removal safe and there are no known long-term health risks associated with it. But some do experience minor side effects.

Exposure to the light can result in the treated skin changing colour temporarily but this will usually resolve itself quickly.

On rare occasions people have suffered blistering or crusting of the skin. The procedure is not suitable for removing hair around the eyes and should not be used on the genitals – although it’s perfectly safe for the bikini line.

Scalp hair and men’s facial hair are too dense for laser hair removal. If used on these areas, it’s likely to burn. And it’s not cheap.

Some clinics charge far more than for other methods of hair removal. But with most patients enjoying permanent hair loss within three to seven sessions, you could save money in the long run. Just don’t expect overnight results. The hairs gradually fall out in the weeks following treatment – and it may take a few sessions before you see the benefits.


  • Quick
  • Effective long-term
  • Can be precisely targeted
  • No unsightly, painful ingrown hairs
  • No known health risks
  • Non-intrusive
  • Most patients enjoy permanent hair loss after 3 – 7 sessions


  • Can be very expensive
  • Can cause temporary skin irritation
  • Can cause temporary colour change in skin
  • It’s rare but there can be reddening or crusting of the skin
  • Not suitable for eyebrows, genitals, scalp, or men’s facial hair
  • No overnight results