The Top 6 differences between fractional laser and carbon laser

If you are looking for Fraction laser in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Carbon laser in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and you are confused about choosing which one is right for you to continue reading and share with your friends.

The main difference between fractional laser treatment and carbon laser treatment is that fractional laser is non-ablative, while the carbon laser ablates the surface of the skin.

Fractional laser treatment uses technology to deeply penetrate skin with targeted microscopic laser columns. It only treats a small amount of tissue at a time and the surrounding healthy tissue remains untouched which helps to promote quick healing.

Carbon laser treatment involves applying a layer of liquid carbon over the face which penetrates the pores and absorbs contaminants. These contaminants, along with dead skin cells, blackheads and grease, are removed when the laser destroys the carbon.

Ablative resurfacing treatments, such as carbon laser, usually require only one treatment but will take longer to heal whereas fractional laser treatment will take around 4 – 5 treatments to achieve the best results.

Fractional laser treatment uses laser technology to poke microscopic holes in the surface of the skin.  The energy used to poke the holes stimulates the production of healthy collagen and skin renewal across the treated area.  Fractional laser treatment is used to improve the texture and appearance of the skin. Carbon laser treatment is often more suitable for older patients or those with significant acne or scarring.

Fractional laser treatment will normally leave the skin slightly red and swollen for 2-3 days but as it is non-ablative, makeup can still be worn during this time. Carbon laser treatments require 4-5 days without applying makeup to allow the skin to heal following treatment.